Christmas Holly

Hamper Feedback

Christmas Holly

The Cause hamper campaign helped my Mam tremendously when I was a child.

We received one each year and I always remember being so excited as we pulled out each item from a lovingly decorated box.

As an adult, and now a mother myself, looking back it was truly a wonderful gift to receive when my Mam had very little money to buy us gifts and yummy treats.

It is a pleasure to be able to give something back each year as we, my Mam, siblings and I, ask for a family so we can make a difference to someone else.


Long may this campaign continue!!


Anna - past hamper recipient 

" The love and care that was evident in the hamper we received was something special. Not only did it improve what was set to be a bleak Christmas for me and the kids, it has restored my faith in humanity after such a difficult year. I will never forget the love and generosity shown to us by a complete stranger. Thank you."

Mum of 4, South Bank. 

"To me growing up and attending school at Newlands, the hamper scheme was brought to my attention as an adolescent man.

It was the first time I would learn to understand what compassion was other than a word in the dictionary; it was seen in action.


In essence, this project is what truly giving should be. Long may it continue, in this part of the country it’s needed more than ever"

Darren - Ex Pupil Newlands FCJ


"After my wife left last year I had to give up working to raise the kids. I

ts been a real struggle both financially and emotionally.

Please pass on my  heartfelt thanks to whoever made us this wonderful hamper.  

Even if its just temporary it has really lifted me and helped me remember there are people who care."

Dad of 2, Middlesbrough