How Does It Work?

What makes the CAUSE CHRISTMAS HAMPER CAMPAIGN so unique is although our families remain anonymous, you will receive the family dynamics which allows the hamper to be 'personalised' to the needs of that particular family. 

So we can target our support to those in genuine financial hardship, we only accept nominations for our hampers from our partner agencies (social workers, schools and other charitable organisations) - we do not accept self-referrals.

Once the nominations are received we then allocate you an individual/family depending on your request when registering - single person, family 2-3, family 4-5, family 6+

Your allocation email will detail the dynamics of the family such as Mum, Dad, Boy 7 years, Girl 5 years

The hamper should consist of mainly long-life foods and if possible, we ask you to provide a gift for each family member.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any details regarding the likes/dislikes of the family or clothing sizes (if you wish to provide clothing, please provide a gift receipt, if possible). 

Please DO NOT wrap gifts.


Once again, we are only accepting BAGS - NO CARDBOARD BOXES please.

Ideally, please use the BAG FOR LIFE STRONG BAGS all the major shops / supermarkets sell. Please DO NOT USE VERY BIG BAGS (as they are just  too heavy to lift) OR CARDBOARD GIFT BAGS (as they tear very easily especially when they get damp stored for the couple of days we are in the stand at Middlesbrough Football Club ).


For a general rule, please allow one bag per person in the family (with an extra bag if needed)

eg.  Family Dynamic: Mum, Dad, Boy 7 years, Girl 5 years - 4 or 5 bags

For ideas of what items to include, please download the lists below

Christmas Holly


Christmas Holly

When preparing your hamper we recommend the majority be long life foods as we can't guarantee when the hamper will be delivered to the recipient.

  • Hampers need to be clearly marked with the ID number.
    (If more than one bag ensure they are labelled with ID number and the number of bags e.g.1 of 3,  2 of 3, 3 of 3 etc)

  • Please do not overfill - Use the rule - 'if you can't lift it ....we can't lift it' 
    (Try to even out the weight in the bags)


  • You can put an unsealed Christmas card in with your hamper but you MUST remain anonymous

  • Please do NOT put any cash in the hamper.
    (If you wish, supermarket gift vouchers are permitted for fresh food - please allow around £2.50 per family member
    e.g. family of 4 is £10, family of 6 is £15)


  • Please contact hampers@cause-foundation.org.uk if you are unsure about anything